What defines our mission is the idea of "bio-cultural conservation and restoration." This naturally includes conservation projects such as:

  •  ♦working with local government to assure the permanence of existing forests
  •  ♦reforestation and other programs for planting native species
  •  ♦land purchases to protect endangered sites and create biological corridors in reserve
  •  ♦enhancing and protecting habitats in support of genetic diversity

We also believe that it is essential to educate ourselves and our communities in the necessity of, and in the strategies for preserving such a bio-diverse and fragile area as is the tributary watershed of the La Paz River, tributary to the Barranca watershed. For this reason, our goals include:

  •  ♦environmental education programs in the local schools
  •  ♦working with local organizations and businesses to encourage environmental awareness and care
  •  ♦support of sustainable agricultural practices through education

Furthermore, we believe it essential that the Foundation play an active role in local environmental management in consideration of the impact of climate change. Naturally, we hope also to serve as an example for other communities (and the global community) of the role of a small but important area in the ecological balance of Costa Rica and of the planet.